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If we can learn to be present with awareness in every moment we can be happy, peaceful and free. This is the path of Mindfulness.
When we learn to pay attention in a kind, non-judgmental way we can regulate our own nervous system, improve our mood and be kinder and more accepting of those around us.

Mindfulness is cultivated through regular meditation and following specific teachings.

Meditation is a concentration practice where we really tune into the inner state of our mind.  By cultivating this inner awareness we can break our habitual patterns, heal our past traumas and learn a new way of being. I have trained with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in the insight meditation tradition which brings the traditional Eastern traditions of Buddhism to a Western world.


I teach around awareness of the breath and body, healing through understanding yourself better and building self compassion and self care.

Most people spend their lives in an auto-pilot state, going through the motions of what we are doing, thinking about the future, dwelling on the past, lost in thoughts and not fully appreciating the moments and relationships in our life. Mindfulness helps us to be fully present, helps us to notice when our thoughts are hijacking our experience.

Would you like to learn about Mindfulness and how to Meditate?
Move in a more mindfully and with more body awareness?
Heal your body and mind from past experiences?
Be more present in your life?
Get in touch to book a 15 min free consultation.

Mindfulness and meditation have changed my life, changed my attitude to the world and continue to bring daily benefits to my stress and anxiety levels.


Click below to book a 121 mindfulness session or to join my free 1 day  group session in July.

Book a 15 minute FREE consultation to find out more.

Click to book a 121 session online and in Warwick.

Re-charge and Re-connect Mindfulness Class in Warwick Sun 7th July 9-10.30am

This 90 minute class is a chance to enjoy some silence and stillness at a beautiful venue in Warwick, the Hill Close Gardens.

The class will be a mixture of guided seated meditation and gentle mindfulness movement. Setting an intention to connect with your inner stillness, you can calm your nervous system and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner experience. This class is suitable for all, I offer it freely with the intention of allowing mindfulness to be accessible to all. If you would like to contribute to the cost of running the class you will be able to donate on the day.

Alexa Young, CA

“Thank you so much for the meditation class. My experience of the session towards the end was that it released a gentle deep sadness for myself about losses suffered”


I loved the first mindfulness session, thank you! I've had several false starts with mindfulness, so I'm familiar with the basics but I've never heard the concepts explained so clearly and simply before. Was a great mix of practice and learning, with relatable examples.  Really looking forward to next week now and have recommended to busy friends as a great investment. 


“That was wonderful. As an emotional person who is quick to react I never realised I could have more space between something that happens and my response to it. Very eye opening, looking forward to next week!”

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