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I Move Freely Pilates

I Move Freely Pilates is a beginner level Pilates based class.


During the hour long class we move from standing to laying to stretch your body and strengthen your whole body.  All the exercises help to ease your back and joint pain, build strong core muscles, improve your posture, your balance and increase your overall muscle tone. We welcome people of all ability and age.

The class is designed to help you move more freely in your day to day life, free from pain, restriction and stiffness.

Most of us in the class have back pain or other joint issues. The exercises are all safe and do not put pressure on the joints, the focus is on good core and muscle engagement to support your joints.

Our group classes are friendly, small groups.

You can join a group class online and in person by clicking HERE. See the calendar below for the class schedule.

I offer 121 sessions online and in Warwick if you have specific exercise goals, are working around an injury, or just generally want more focused attention. Having a 121 session will ensure you get the most out of your exercise session and that you commit to show up each week. BOOK NOW.

I am currently working weekly with clients with - frozen shoulder, post knee dislocation, back pain, curvature of the spine, elderly with restricted movements. You are also welcome to come for advice, assessment and for exercises to do at home or before joining a group class. 


I am really pleased to open my Intensive 6 week programme again. I only take a few of these a year, where I offer an intensive 6 week of 121 sessions and at home support in order to see tangible results. This is a results based programme, where we set goals (weight loss, flexibility, balance, strength, measurable reduction in pain, etc) with the intention of you dedicating the 6 weeks to meeting those goals. You can BOOK NOW if you are ready to really commit to your fitness this year.

Payment options:

£15 for 1 class

£55 for 5 classes

£95 for 10 classes

£58 for a 1 hour individual session

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Class Schedule

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Immersive payment options

  • Unlimited Membership

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • 6 Movement / Mindfulness 121 Sessions

      Valid for 6 months
      • Mindfulness Individual Session
      • Move Freely 121 Exercise Session
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