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Four ways you can live with Mindfulness

1 – Seeing things as they are,

2 - Being present,

3 – Noticing that things change,

4 – Non judging awareness.

Seeing things as they are

Can you stop reacting emotionally to your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and all the things that happen around us?

When we are caught in an unconscious, trace state we are often reacting and believing every thought that arises in our mind. When we live with mindfulness we learn to hold our thoughts with more space, to realise that a thought is just a thought, they are not real, they are not true.

Separate something that happens and your response to it, if someone cuts you up in traffic, that’s all that happens – you got cut up.

All of our true nature is kind and calm and centred, it is the stress of life and fear that pulls us into reaction and acting unskilfully.

Being Present

It means learning to be here in the present moment and intentionally directing your attention to the current experience unfolding before you. When we learn to be fully and totally present we become more attuned to our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and the environment around us.

Noticing how things change

Being okay with the fact that nothing stays the same. There is constant change in our thoughts, and the emotions, sensations, and experiences, in all of our life everything changes constantly.

Be aware of how change makes you feel, why do we often resist change? Most humans find comfort in predictability and control because it makes us feel safe. Resting in the acceptance of change allows us to live more mindfully.

When sadness is here we notice sadness, anger we notice anger, happiness we notice happiness, we don’t push it away or wallow in it, we notice it with the acceptance that it will change.


Non-judging awareness

Can we observe our thoughts and experiences without labelling them as good or bad, right or wrong?

Can we stop evaluating everything that happens and stop reacting to everything that happens to us?

Can we just notice and name what is present in the present moment?

There are 4 principle of mindfulness that can help us to live more mindfully
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