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Ease Back Pain

Suffering an acute flare up of back pain? Maybe you felt a twinge as you got out of bed? Twisted badly lifting the shopping? Here are my top tips on what to do if you have a flare up of non specific back pain of a muscular-skeletal cause.

  • Apply a heat pad a few times a day for 15 mins. You can try cold/ice pack too in the first 24 hours after the flare up, but for me heat is always more soothing.

  • Take ibuprofen and paracetamol (if you can take them). Pain relief allows us to keep moving so that the healing process can be quicker.

  • Gentle movement and breathe as you move - try not to clench and tighten more muscles. Relaxation is key, so override those inclinations to become a ball of stiffness and tension!

  • Laying on the floor on your back with your calves on a chair, so your hips and knees are a 90 degrees can decompress the lower spine, stay for 10-15 mins - then get up gently! This position is great, relax and breathe as you lay.

  • Do some gentle movements on waking before you get up - knees side to side, pelvic tilts in bed, nerve stretch with straight leg going across and back, hip stretches. Prepare your back to take the weight of your body.

  • Try to move with your back neutral and your hips even, less twisting and bending, feet and legs staying hip width. Avoid heavy lifting, wearing high heeled shoes, anything that puts your pelvis and spine out of optimal alignment.

  • Finally and most importantly, sign up to a regular Pilates class or 121 to strengthen your core muscles, to re-align your body to a more optimal posture and book in a weekly stretch out session.

Your body is your most important asset, take care of it so you can live fully and comfortably.

*All these are suggestions and it is highly recommended to do what feels good for your body. If the pain persists or is severe seek further medical advice.

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